A job in sales
A job in sales

When young students or graduates here the word Sales or a job opening in sales, they often feel sceptic. The way a sales job is perceived in our Indian system is not the true indicator of what you can learn, doing one. In this article we tell you 7 reasons why you should take up a job in Sales atleast once in your life.

1.       You shed your inhibitions


This is one of the most important change you will notice in yourself. You will shed your inhibitions and would adapt easily to talk to people even if you don’t know them. Sales make you talk to your potential clients and every client of yours would be stranger to you. This would also reflect in your personal life and you would be more confident and happy to break ice with anyone.

2.       Gives you a good chance to study the market


As a sales professional, you always keep studying the market. You keep track of what are the new technologies that are coming up? What are your competitors working on? This gives you a great advantage if you want to progress in the same organization, or become an entrepreneur.


3.       You get to know the end to end production process


As a sales professional your job doesn’t end with converting the deal. Sometimes you need to do the account management part, make sure that client gets the required product/service that you have promised him. For this you will learn all the processes related with the production/service. Right from raising an invoice to ensuring the delivery of the product you will keep a track of all the things. This is helpful in long terms as you adapt to working in teams from different departments and acquire a holistic view of your organization.

A job in sales
A job in sales

4.       In recession everybody can be fired, but not a good salesman


Sales is the engine that keeps the organization running. In bad times organizations may lay-off people who are in production processes or in other departments, but the possibility of firing a salesman is very very less. Every organization knows that if sales dry up than it won’t be possible to sustain hence in bad times the sales may force an additional burden of achieving numbers but the probability of a sales man getting fired comes last in the queue.

5.       Everybody sells from CEO’s to heads of state


Everybody sells. Heads of state sell the growth story to investors to encourage them in investing in their country. CEO’s sell to government or to other big corporations. People sell their skills to get a good job. At every level everybody plays the role of a sales person.


6.       Sales prepares you for your own venture


if you are preparing yourself to become an entrepreneur in the longer run, than sales will be your best teacher. When in sales you learn about customers, how they behave? How they think? And how they make a purchase decision? This helps you in the long run if you intend to chart your own path. The lessons you learn in sales always stay with you, and always help you improve on a personal as well as a professional level.


7.       Sales provide you with great financial rewards


Most of the companies over attractive perks to their sales force. As a sales person you not only get a regular pay but many times you also get a commission in the deals you have converted successfully for your organization. So along with a fixed pay a sales pay can also earn variable pay and sometimes the variable pay can be as good as or even more than the fixed pay depending on the calibre of the sales person.


So we hope that these are reasons enough for you to not to be sceptic and embrace a career in sales with your arms open.

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