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This category gives tips on how to succeed in your career.

5 Behavioral Etiquettes to Follow at Work Place.

1. Build a rapport Let’s face it - A good rapport with team mates makes life a hell lot easier in office. Many a time, you work outcomes...

25 tips for better productivity

Here we tell you 25 tips for better productivity. Follow these tips and you will surprised on how you can achieve more in the same amount of...
overcome fear of failure

10 ways to overcome the fear of failure

In life, we all have those moments where we feel that we have failed. Some people come out of this feeling, and some people get caught with...
Achieve professional happiness

10 insights for professional happiness

We all have ups and lows in life. We all go through cycles of success and failure but the important part is to be happy and be...
Become more productive

8 habits that make us more productive

Time is important. Time is one resource god has distributed equally to everyone, yet no one seems to have enough of it. We all have to stretch...
Job Switch

7 things not to do while Job Hunting

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your first job or are looking for that next big jump in your career, we all make some mistakes...
A job in sales

7 reasons why you should take up a job in Sales

When young students or graduates here the word Sales or a job opening in sales, they often feel sceptic. The way a sales job is perceived in...
habits to learn from athletes

6 habits of Athletes that we should adapt to be successful

Athletes are epitome of dedication & discipline. The amount of effort put by an athlete is commendable and Athletes are a good model to look up to....
Work in a sunrise sector

5 ways to identify a sunrise sector

Whether you are looking for your first job, or looking to have a shift in the career, one thing is for sure that we all look to...
IT jobs back in demand

5 signs that IT jobs are back in demand again

While the world is going through an economic turmoil, India has stood as a bright spot on the map.  The nation is poised for a growth of...