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overcome fear of failure

10 ways to overcome the fear of failure

In life, we all have those moments where we feel that we have failed. Some people come out of this feeling, and some people get caught with...
How to get a top notch internship

5 ways to get a top notch internship

With the winters approaching, the first year MBA students would now be gearing up to find an exciting internship. While some students prefer to stay in or...

5 Awesome Techniques to Win a B School Personal Interview!

Preparing hard for your MBA entrance exam, cracking the exam, conquering the pre interview sessions (GD, Essays etc.) may still don’t make you feel nervous or anxious....

Interesting PG Courses – Beyond MBAs!

Indian youth has become more sensitized in making the nation a better place. With the aid of social media, the youth of the India is becoming more...
IT jobs back in demand

5 signs that IT jobs are back in demand again

While the world is going through an economic turmoil, India has stood as a bright spot on the map.  The nation is poised for a growth of...

8 Things they don’t teach you in college

In this article we are telling you 8 Things they don’t teach you in college. Read on to make your self happier. 1) Working Knowledge is never to be...

5 Ways to Harness the Full Potential of LinkedIn

Job aspirants are in for exciting times as the online hiring activity has increased substantially year on year. Top recruiters of India Inc. have their eyes constantly...
preparing for exams

CAT registrations increase after 5 years, 3 reasons MBA aspirants should be worried.

After a gap of 5 years, more students are willing to get into an MBA. On one hand this shows the confidence in Indian economy among the...
Career Mistake

3 Worst Career Mistakes

Focus on opportunities and not rating. With most of the industries becoming more and more competitive, the world outside your cubicle walls is changing faster than ever...
Try to excel at your work

5 things to do if you are facing difficulties in a subject

Difficulties are a part & parcel of life. Once cannot progress without facing difficulties. The key is to never give up and be persistent. In this article...