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Specialized MBA Courses – Niche Careers

Those of you are absolutely clear about what career prospects you want to pursue a specialized MBA would give a power packed career boost. These courses focus...

Does an MBA Degree Guarantee a Job in India?

Does an MBA Degree Guarantee a Job in India? The rate at which students are opting for a full time MBA is booming, and booming at a sheer...
Which way to choose?

How to decide a specialization in your course?

So you are confused what kind of specialization you want to take in your course? Shall you go for what your friends are going or listen to...

Classic Dilemma – MBA in India or Abroad?

This question would have crept into the minds of millions of MBA aspirants. A highly simple question with an equally tough answer. The choice depends on a...

5 Fundamentals for Preparing a Strong Business Case

A strong business case can create a star studded impression of you in front of the top management. It is one of the key stepping stones towards...