3 Worst Career Mistakes

  1. Focus on opportunities and not rating.

With most of the industries becoming more and more competitive, the world outside Oppyour cubicle walls is changing faster than ever before. While working hard for a good appraisal is not the worst thing to do, it is not the best either. Getting an excellent rating and pleasing your management would not fetch you significant returns when compared to people who look to shape their own career by being aware about what is going on outside their job, company or industry and grabbing the right opportunities. This is how they take control of their career from their bosses.

  1. Staying in your comfort zone.

It is important to balance out what matters to us. Hence with age, people start giving time to their family, hobbies, health etc. And managing all this becomes a tad easier if you are comfortable with your work. If the work is routine, less challenging, andComfort well within your skill area you tend to get comfortable.
But this can seriously hit your career. Your skills may become obsolete sooner than you’d think. And with that, the confidence to take on new opportunities outside and newer projects may be impacted which would encourage you to stick with the same employer in the same role ultimately leading to a career with feeble growth.

  1. Underestimating the power of networking

Unless you meet people and build a strong network you would not be able to market your skills effectively. Your network can be a potential source of your next big job. Attend corporate events, seminars, talks by industry experts and try to engage with people who are knowledge experts. You would be surprised by the amount of knowledge you can gain from them just in few minutes.networking

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