About US

Mantras2success.com is your one stop shop to find solutions to all your career related problems. We are a small team hustling in our own way and trying to help students & professionals in finding the right answers to all their career related questions. Our vision is to help every individual on the planet, succeed in his/her career. The registered name of the organization is Mantras2Success Consultants.

Training – We partner with various Educational Insititutes, and conduct training workshops/seminars for the students in various fields. Our training is tailored as per the audience and we focus more on the learning outcomes and audience feedback. Audio/Video/Presentations/Simulations/Practicals are various forms of methodologies through which we deliver our content. It is our firm belief that the time of the audience is of supreme importance and we ensure that our audience gains new knowledge and new skills once our training is conducted. We also give our audience a lifelong access to the materials of the training which they can refer for continued learning.
For conducting training at your organization write to us at jitu@mantras2success.com 
Recruitment – We offer Recruitment services for Corporate Customers & Entrepreneurs. Due to our wide Training Network, we come across many talented individuals who are looking for the right kind of opportunity and want to enhance their career. At the same time organizations are looking for smart people for hiring. Mantras2Success.com provides end-to-end recruitment services. Right from gathering requirements, sourcing resumes till the time a candidate joins, we ensure that you do not divert your productive time in non-core operations. We ensure that, right kind of talent joins your organization and  starts contributing from day one.
To help us hire you the right kind of workforce write to us at m2s@mantras2success.com 
Placements – We partner with Educational Institutes/ Training Institutes and help them in getting their students placed in right kind of job roles. On one hand we reduce the cost of hiring for our partner organizations and on the other hand we help solve a big problem of placements for colleges/training institutes. We also help individuals seeking right kind of job opportunities. No matter if you are working or experienced we’ve got everything covered.
To help us getting your students placed in the right kind of job roles please write to us at m2s@mantras2success.com 
If you are an individual looking for job opportunities please send your resume to resume@mantras2success.com
For general inquiries please contact us at m2s@mantras2success.com