Strategic HR Management Services

We also do Strategic HR Management, where we analyze the organization design, the business of the organization, and the industry in which operates. We do a skill assessment for the employees of the company and come up with remedies to boost productivity and employee output. This may include organization re-alignment, defining KPI’s / KRA’s, and filling the skill gaps amongst the workforce. Aligning the right kind of people in the right kind of places. Our partner Ms. Shreya Mehta takes care of the Strategic HR Management function.

Shreya Mehta
Shreya Mehta

Shreya has received awards from the Govt. OF Gujarat as a Woman Entrepreneur. She has over 12 years of Strategic Human Resource Managmeent. She is a Double Post-Graduate and has worked with 180+ clients. She has 45+ testimonials to her credit where the clients have benefitted immensely from her services.

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