What do employers wish job applicants would understand?


Are you appearing for a job interview soon ? Read on this article which will help you understand what actually the employers are looking in a candidate to fill the vacant position. The points mentioned here are not in any particular order.


So remember the below mentioned points:

  • It is very expensive to hire a new person–you have to make us want you.
  • It is very expensive to hire a new person–we have to make you want us.
  • Ninety-five percentĀ of the hiring process has absolutely nothing to do with your “qualifications”–if you’re not a culture fit, you won’t be hired.
  • It is very expensive to hire a new person, so we want to make as certain a decision as possible about any candidate’s fit.
  • If you’re rude, you won’t be hired.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Speak up when talking.
  • “Think out loud” when you’re asked something you couldn’t possibly know ahead of time (scenario-based interview questions are designed to evaluate your thought process, not the answer (unless the answer is patently ridiculous)).
  • The odds are fantastically good that you are not the “best” or “only” person for a given job, so stay humbly confident in the process.
  • None of us likes being interviewed, or interviewing. You’re nervous, but so is just about every person you speak with who is interviewing you.
  • Interviewing people is not “the job” of the folks who interview you, so ask them about their roles in the company; curiosity is important.
  • If we think you’re a good fit, and you think we’re a good fit, we want to move as fast as possible soyou can decide quickly, too–so if you get an offer, don’t delay in reviewing it, asking for changes (i.e., negotiating), and accepting or declining. We have a vacancy, and obviously we think you should fill it, but more important thanyou filling it, from our perspective, is that it gets filled.

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We wish you all the best for your interview..!!


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